A University of Texas at Austin police officer issued a disorderly conduct citation to a preacher for offending students. The officer claimed it was against the law to offend anyone.

To make this an even more bizarre situation, the preacher was off campus but was still cited by campus police because he offended students.

The “law breaker” who was simply exercising his First Amendment rights, recorded his conversation with the officer.

The preacher is an intern with Campus Ministry USA, a group that doesn’t shy away from telling students about the perils of sinning. Brother Jed Smock leads this organization.

Smock raises eyebrows with his on campus message as it’s rather direct. Today’s coddled college students don’t like to be confronted with any wrong doing or any dissenting opinions, but Smock is entitled to his First Amendment rights even if his words offend someone.


A university spokesperson stated that after the publicity, the citation was voided. The university claims the officer is in training.

Should this preacher have been given a citation? What do you think is happening on our college campuses to generate such outrage over everything?

H/T: Daily Caller

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