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Judge Michael Cicconetti is known for his unorthodox sentences. He often issues embarrassing alternatives to time in prison. The Painesville, Ohio judge is not afraid to make criminals wear a sign confessing their crimes on a busy street corner.

He got some heat from left wing groups when he had a woman pepper sprayed after she pepper sprayed a man for no reason.

A sentence he handed down to a young woman for skipping out on her cab fare has gotten a lot of national attention.

19 year old Victoria Bascam stiffed a cab driver on her $100 bill for a 30 mile trip. The Judge gave her two options: she could go to jail for 30 days or she could walk the distance of her ride, 30 miles, in 48 hours.

The teen was upset with the sentence. She thought she would just have to pay a small fine and the $100. She had no clue she would be facing jail time.

The judge did reduce the sentence to 20 miles because Victoria walked in the muddy area of the fairgrounds, which slowed her pace. She was also ordered to pay the cab driver $100 and got probation for 4 months.


Judge Cicconetti likes to give creative sentences to younger criminals. He feels they are more impressionable and usually make them feel more remorseful. He wants to prevent them from being repeat offenders.

It seems to work because these creative sentences often end up on the local news. Not only does it shame these criminals from doing it again, but it likely prevents others from doing it after they see the publicity.

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