An Ebay enthusiast who collects unopened trunks made an unusual discovery and posted it on the tumblr account A Curious Find.

Sean posted he was excited to get this trunk for next to nothing, but he wasn’t prepared for what he would find.

In addition to the children’s chart and the gun, Sean found some video tapes.

The tapes were of children holding a gun and talking about shooting people. The kids obviously had no knowledge of gun safety as they point the gun at themselves and the cameraman.

Then the children were asked what they would do if they got blood on their clothes. One girl said she would wear red to eliminate this problem while another pulled a kleenex with blood out of her pocket.

This tumblr account was getting considerable traffic as people were alarmed. But, it was revealed that it was all a promotion for Partisan, an Australian movie.

Is this a movie you would go to see? What do you think about this promotion tactic? Please share your thoughts. 

H/T: Mad World News

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