Nothing overly controversial happened during last night’s latest “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Podcast; but with guests Edge and Christian, there was certainly never a dull moment. From a live kazoo jam, to telling the story of how these two wrestlers from Canada first became friends; Edge and Christian had me (as well as SCSA) in stitches the entire hour of the live WWE Network program, which aired after Monday Night RAW last night.

Where do I even begin? I liked the fact that it was a light-hearted conversation, with some meat to it. From talking about ‘Wrestler’s Court’ (a backstage shenanigan), to how Michael PS Hayes believed in the budding young superstars, to Vince McMahon and more, the podcast was kept light; yet dug into layers, and gave some incredible insight into the current status of the WWE tag team division, and what made it so successful during their era. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

Life After The WWE

It’s clear they are both happy with life after the WWE; which may have been a rough transition, but keeping busy helped them both move forward. Edge, who was apparently hired by Haven producers based on retirement speech, has been preoccupied with his television show and fatherhood; and Christian has been busy with his new daughter, wife, as well as other projects. Edge let out a surprising tidbit during the podcast: while he retired at the young age of 37 due to injury, he was all set to walk away from the squared circle after his contract was set to expire that year. All is well that ends well I suppose.

Kazoo Jam

The duo did an impromptu rendition of SCSA’s theme song, with kazoos; a definite highlight of my Monday night/Sunday morning. Stone Cold in turn sang ‘Kumbaya’ while playing a ucalaly, wearing a small cowboy hat. If you missed the podcast, you need to YouTube that clip … pronto. How did their kazoo schtick come to be? The idea wasn’t necessarily pitched to Creative, it was used during a backstage promo and then took on a life of its own.

Ninja Star

Their friendship started many moons ago, when the two were children; and how did they meet? When Christian moved into Edge’s school, he struggled to make friends; and it was a Ninja Star action figure that got them talking. It turns out, they had more in common than just ninjas; both liked professional wrestling … a whole lot. The story of how they met really brought home their story; childhood friends with an aspiration to become professional wrestlers, turn into one of the best tag teams in WWE history, and move on to have two incredible singles careers. Most would think that one of them would have succeeded in the WWE; but they both landed at the top. A true testimony of what friendship, hard-work, determination, and talent really means.

The Better Wrestler

Speaking of, this question was handled with true class, and shows just how tight these two are. SCSA brought up the question of whether or not Christian ever felt intimated by Edge’s success, and Christian brought up the fact that they both had incredible careers – if you looked at them separately. Well-said, especially if you think of the fact that Christian did leave the company for a while when he headed to TNA. Edge pointed out that he didn’t know many WWE tag team champions where both wrestlers ended being multiple WWE World Heavyweight Champions (does the Rocko/Socko connection count?) Should Christian be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Edge thinks so – so do I …

These were just some of my favorite highlights from last night’s podcast … for those who watched, what were yours?

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