Anna Broom is a 33 year-old welfare queen who has not worked a day since 2001, when she was 19. Since then, the United Kingdom-native has collected over £100,000 in benefits, and she now wants an additional £10,000 from taxpayers to “fund her dream ‘traditional English wedding and party in a castle.”

According to Daily Mail, Broom believes taxpayers should pay for her wedding because it is her basic human right to be a bride. She wants a church ceremony, designer dress, horse and carriage as well as champagne for her 50 guests. She also wants £2,000 for her honeymoon, which she hopes will be in Mexico.


“I’ve dreamed about being a bride since I was 12 years old,” Broom said. “I deserve a fairy-tale church wedding and a party in a castle – but there’s no way I could afford it on benefits and I can’t work because I’m overweight.”

Broom receives a series of monthly benefits including £460 disability living allowance and joint £200 housing benefit with fiancé Jordan Burford, 39, who gets an additional £134 income support a month.

“I want the taxpayer to fund my £10,000 dream wedding – it’s a basic human right to be a bride. I don’t see why I should have a small wedding at a registry office – I wouldn’t be able to fit in all my guests and a church wedding is far more romantic,” Broom explained. “I’m stuck in a rut at the moment and can’t find the motivation to lose weight, but if I was getting married I know I’d slim down because all eyes would be on me.”

Clearly, the Obama-entitlement mentality has spread all over the world. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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