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Valerie Bertinelli son Wolf Van Halen fat shaming lose weight
July 9, 2021
Valerie Bertinelli broke down after an Instagram troll told her to lose weight prompting her son, Wolf Van Halen, to jump into the fray.
Wolfgang Van Halen
November 3, 2020
The son of Eddie Van Halen spoke out this week to torch US Weekly for publishing “lies” about his family after his father’s death.
Eddie Van Halen pass away Wolf Valerie Bertinelli Sammy Hagar rock legend
October 6, 2020
The music world is in mourning today after news that legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away from cancer at 65. 
Sammy Hagar
June 24, 2020
Van Halen’s lead rocker Sammy Hagar is willing to die in order to be able to tour again, and won’t be waiting on a coronavirus vaccine to perform concerts.