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Chris Jericho Interesting Donations
January 11, 2021
Donations are usually a good thing, but what about Chris Jericho’s recent interesting donations? And Val Venis rips a WWE Hall of Famer.
superstar injured at clash
September 28, 2020
Sunday, WWE gave us Clash of Champions. At least one Superstar was injured at the Clash. Also, Val Venis may be crazy, as we found out.
Cody destroys Val Venis about Nyla Rose comments
February 21, 2020
AEW’s Cody Rhodes has spoken out about Val Venis’ comments about Nyla Rose. With it, he takes a firm stance on the matter.
Lashley Lana
October 31, 2019
Bobby Lashley has acquired a new Val Venis persona for himself with the Lana storyline. But what does Lashley think about it?
WWE Pro Wrestler Who Are Known Marijuana Users
April 20, 2019
Today is 4/20, which is considered the a holiday for the stoner community. So, here are known WWE pro wrestlers who have smoked marijuana.