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happy royal rumble eve
January 27, 2023
It’s a big SmackDown in a Nutshell, as we get set to enjoy a happy Royal Rumble eve, everyone! No, for real, it is going to be a thing!
backstage reception of raw
January 25, 2023
We have an idea of the backstage reception of RAW XXX, and back when they were still in WWE, FTR refused to do an angle with Randy Orton.
big confrontation at rumble
January 23, 2023
Known for it’s surprises, we might get a big confrontation at the upcoming Royal Rumble. Plus, talent miss Stephanie McMahon.
eight days until rumble
January 20, 2023
It’s another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and as of tonight we have just eight days until the 2023 Royal Rumble in San Antonio!
executives claim no changes
January 14, 2023
After a meeting, executives claim no changes to creative in WWE. And this won’t surprise, but Vince McMahon clashed with his daughter.
big night sami zayn
January 13, 2023
Simple mission for this week’s SmackDown in a Nutshell, but it’s set up to be a big night for Sami Zayn as he faces Kevin Owens!
vince mcmahon ultimate heel
January 12, 2023
Hard to believe it might happen, but if it does, the potential Saudi Arabia deal makes Vince McMahon wrestling’s ultimate heel.
investors love vince mcmahon
January 7, 2023
After his stunning return, we can see investors love Vince McMahon. And, there’s word that his return won’t bring change to creative.
banger bros win belts
January 6, 2023
For our first SmackDown In A Nutshell of 2023, we have one big question: can the Banger Bros win the belts that The Usos have held so long?
will wwe add championship
January 2, 2023
Will WWE add a new championship in 2023, and if so…for which show? Plus, 2022 ended with some big news for Ryback.
saying farewell with bang
December 30, 2022
It’s our last SmackDown in a Nutshell of 2022, and we are saying farewell to an eventful year with a bang and then some!
gunther hits big milestone
December 28, 2022
Gunther hits a big milestone as he wraps up 2022 in a big way. Plus, what if CM Punk didn’t actually want to win the AEW title?
blue brand christmas show
December 23, 2022
It’s another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and this time around, it is time for a blue brand Christmas show, on the eve of Christmas Eve!
troubling matt riddle allegations
December 21, 2022
It has not been a good month for him and now there are new troubling Matt Riddle allegations. And, we might have a Big E return date.
change in nxt call-ups
December 19, 2022
With new management comes a change in NXT call-ups, and a good one. Plus, Goldberg is nearly a free agent…will he be back in WWE?
christmas early honorary uce
December 16, 2022
It‘s time for a holiday SmackDown in a Nutshell, and we have to wonder if Christmas might come early for the honorary Uce?
SmackDown Star Return Plan
December 15, 2022
Recently on The Bump, a WWE SmackDown star revealed their plan to return. Plus, Mandy Rose breaks her silence on her release.
brock lesnar wrestlemania plans
December 12, 2022
As we get closer, Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania plans seem to be materializing. Plus, these could be the next NXT call-ups.