severe weather

Texas Tornado Flips Chevy Silverado – Driver Casually Drives Away (Video)

Editor's Note: The story has been updated to reflect the vehicle was a Chevy Silverado 1500 truck, not a Ford…

1 year ago

If You Lived Through The Blizzard Of 1978, Do You Remember This?

Today, schools will shut down when there is just a dusting of snow on the ground. Weather forecasters often tell us…

5 years ago

Man Films Massive Tornado Tearing Through Fields Of North Dakota – He’s Got Guts!

On Wednesday, North Dakota native and farmer Jesse Bye captured an enormous tornado tearing through the fields near Hatton, North…

6 years ago

SHOCK VIDEO: Woman Gets Struck By Lightning!

I definitely don't mess with thunderstorms!

6 years ago

God Reveals His Presence During Tennessee Wildfires!

The power of God is REAL!

7 years ago

Donald Trump Issues Message for the People of Tennessee

This is how a President acts!

7 years ago

Evacuations Ordered!

Get to safety!

7 years ago

Something Eerie Was Seen Behind These Three Crosses After Storm

A vicious storm attacked the East Coast this weekend, killing seven. Four of the victims were from Virginia. It also…

7 years ago