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MJF Promo Chris Jericho
November 12, 2021
Chris Jericho was not pleased with a recent MJF AEW promo and he’s opening-up why. And, RVD is reportedly dealing with memory loss issues.
RVD Rob Van DAm wants one more match in WWE, Matt Riddle wants to be part of it.
Rob Van Dam (RVD) is interested in another WWE match before the end of his career. And it seems that Matt Riddle wants to be a part of it!
Rob Van Dam could return to WWE or join AEW
September 23, 2020
Wrestling legend Rob Van Dam is keeping his options open. In fact, he is considering a return to the WWE as well as joining AEW.
Nia Jax's Return
February 29, 2020
WWE fans should keep an eye out for Nia Jax’s return inside a wrestling ring. Also, Rob Van Dam is getting into the marijuana business with his own strain.
3rd Generation Superstar Returning
February 22, 2020
Could we see a 3rd generation Superstar returning to WWE? Signs are pointing to a strong maybe. Also, how many times has RVD been concussed?
WWE Pro Wrestler Who Are Known Marijuana Users
April 20, 2019
Today is 4/20, which is considered the a holiday for the stoner community. So, here are known WWE pro wrestlers who have smoked marijuana.
Kenny Omega
September 21, 2018
On Friday 11/9, Kenny Omega will face none other than Lucha Underground’s Fenix. This will be one of the best matches of the year.
Since John Cena is delighting us with his presence in the ring again after his break, here are my favorite and most memorable matches of this WWE superstar.