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George Burns Jimmy Stewart Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts
Watch Lucille Ball laugh it up as George Burns takes aim at Jimmy Stewart, Milton Berle, and Dean Martin during this Celebrity Roast.
Foster Brooks Jackie Gleason Dean Martin Celebrity roast classic comedyRoast
November 3, 2020
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts always meant lots of laughter. Foster Brooks never disappointed, especially when he roasted Jackie Gleason.
Clint Eastwood Don Rickles
March 2, 2018
Don Rickles takes the classic roast to the next level in this video with Clint Eastwood. Those were the good ol’ days before sensitivity took over.
Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, Jonathan Winters, roasts
June 16, 2016
Dean Martin’s roasts featured some of the funniest comedians and the episode where Jonathan Winters roasts Johnny Carson is comic television gold!