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Swerve Strickland Ricky Starks
February 5, 2023
We are learning of another backstage fight in AEW, this time with Swerve Strickland Ricky Starks. And, a big change is coming to NXT.
AEW Talent Meeting Dynamite
September 8, 2022
With all the recent backstage events at AEW, a staff meeting was held before last night’s Dynamite. Plus, Ricky Starks quicky loss at All Out.
Roman Reigns AEW Star
December 14, 2021
According to an AEW star, Roman Reigns was “rough” during a TV segment with him in 2018. Plus, Marina Shafir struggled to get work after NXT.
AEW Rampage Gets Rotating Commentary Team
September 21, 2021
AEW Rampage is now having a rotating commentary team going forward. The news was dropped by Ricky Starks on a podcast this Monday.
CM Punk has done wonders for AEW Morale According to Ricky Starks
September 15, 2021
The arrival of CM Punk has done wonders for the morale of AEW as a promotion according to Ricky Starks in a recent interview.
Ryback Slapped Ricky Starks
Ryback might have a temper as he slapped Ricky Starks without notice during a WWE segment a few years ago. And, Andrade is talking with AEW.
Ricky Starks reveals WWE tried to steal him after his AEW debut
November 25, 2020
AEW star Ricky Starks recently revealed that WWE tried to steal him away when he made his debut. But Starks chose to remain loyal.