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Macy Gray
Macy Gray said that the American flag “represents divisiveness and hate” as she demands that we create a new one.
Toys for Puerto Rico
December 26, 2017
A young boy has started collecting toys for Puerto Rico children to be given out this Christmas after the island was hit by a major hurricane
Diamond and Silk
October 2, 2017
Diamond and Silk have a way of delivering the news like no one else! The sisters tell it like it is. They serve up the news with a side of truth.
Trump Obama
September 28, 2017
President Trump did something today that Barack Obama refused to do when he was in office. Liberal heads are likely to explode.
puerto rico dam
September 25, 2017
Officials fear that the Guajataca Dam, which suffered “infrastructure damage” in Hurricane Maria, could give way and flood the island.
hurricane maria landfall pr
September 20, 2017
Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4, making it the first hurricane of that strength or higher to hit the country in 85 years.