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Steve Austin Wrestle Match
November 4, 2022
There is talk Steve Austin may wrestle one more WWE match, with WrestleMania discussed. And, Triple H has drastically changed future PPVs.
R-Truth Big Injury
November 4, 2022
R-Truth has apparently suffered a big injury and will be out for a long time. And, Matt Hardy defends The Elite over the AEW All Out brawl.
The WWE had some bad pay-per-views in 2019 already, and there have been some matches that were far from good. So, which ones are the worst so far?
After the success of the Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE has announced the “Super Show-Down” Event to take place this October in Melbourne, Australia
The WWE has made some changes in its pay-per-view format, which could relate to the recent bidding war for SmackDown Live. Now, it would appear WWE pay-per-views will all become a little lengthier, with the shortest pay-per-views being moved up from three hours to four hours. Here is the story!