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Carol Burnett
Source: Cheryl Diano YouTube
June 21, 2024
Carol Burnett, 91, is speaking out this week to reveal why she has no plans to retire. In the end,…
Carol Burnett Vicki Lawrence
Source YouTube: People, The Carol Burnett Show
June 14, 2024
Carol Burnett wants her former "The Carol Burnett Show" co-star Vicki Lawrence to join her on "Palm Royale!"
Carol Burnett
Source: People YouTube
May 22, 2024
Carol Burnett won the lifetime achievement award at the Gracie Awards last night. Let's explore her net worth!
Carol Burnett
Source: People YouTube
May 16, 2024
The Hollywood star Carol Burnett, 91, is set to receive the Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Gracie Awards next week.
Carol Burnett
Source: TODAY YouTube
April 10, 2024
Carol Burnett is crediting a "little angel" with her career success as she prepares to turn 91 later this month.
Carol Burnett Elvis
Source YouTube: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Vali Greceanu
March 28, 2024
Carol Burnett is recalling meeting Elvis Presley "when he was in the Army," admitting that "nobody wanted to see" her.
Carol Burnett Angelina Jolie
Source YouTube: E! News, WSJ. Style
March 18, 2024
Carol Burnett, 90, shocked her fans by revealing that she wants the A-list star Angelina Jolie to play her in…