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Throughout her 70 year career Hollywood, the legendary Carol Burnett has met tons of celebrities, but there’s one A-list encounter that she had decades ago that she’s never forgotten all these years later, and that’s when she met a young Elvis Presley.

Burnett Meets Elvis

Burnett, who is turning 91 next month, sat down with the late night television host Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to promote her new Apple+ show “Palm Royale.” During the interview, Colbert revealed to her that they were currently filming on the exact stage where Presley performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” and Burnett replied by disclosing that she first met the singer that night.

“Well, I was on when Elvis was on, when he was in the Army,” Burnett recalled. “They did a whole big thing when he was in the army on the stage. And they put me on first.”

“Nobody wanted to see me. I mean, it was … it was Elvis. ’Where the hell is Elvis? We want to see Elvis!'” she continued. “I bombed. It was terrible, it was awful.”

After the performance, Burnett met Presley, who she described as being “very sweet.” 

“I got his autograph for my kid sister,” she added. 

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Burnett’s Song

Colbert asked Burnett how Presley inspired her song “I Made A Fool Of Myself Over John Foster Dulles.”

“John Foster Dulles in the ’50s was our Secretary of State, aptly named,” Burnett explained. “He was so dull, there was nothing there. I remember he wore this overcoat and his hat and never smiled or anything.”

“I was doing a special material song that a friend of mine wrote called ‘I Made A Fool Of Myself Over John Foster Dulles,'” she continued. “Everybody was going crazy over Elvis, so he wrote this song about this young girl going crazy over John Foster Dulles.”

Check out this full interview in the video below, with the relevant portion starting at around the 4:40 mark.

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Burnett’s New Show ‘Palm Royale’

In this same interview, Burnett talked about her new show “Palm Royale,” which is set at a Palm Beach country club in 1969, according to Daily Mail.

“I play Norma, who is the matriarch and kind of runs the whole society thing,” Burnett revealed. “She has secrets on everybody. She’s kind of a blackmailer and she has secrets of her own and in the first two or three, three episodes, she’s in a coma.”

“I do start to wake up of course later on,” she added. “And she doesn’t want anybody to know that she’s kind of coming out of it. Because she’s not a very nice person. But they are the most fun to play.”

“Palm Royale” also stars Kristen Wiig, Allison Janney, Ricky Martin, Laura Dern, Bruce Dern, and more.

“When they called me about doing it, I didn’t even have to read a script,” Burnett told E! News earlier this month. “I said, ‘I’m in,’ because of who I would be working with, and that was it. And then I read the script and that was the icing on the cake.”

Though Burnett is turning 91 next month, she isn’t slowing down in the slightest, and she still has the signature sense of humor that her millions of fans love. It isn’t surprising that she got along so well with Presley, as it seems impossible not to adore Carol Burnett!

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