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Oscar De La Hoya
September 3, 2021
The planned boxing fight between former champion Oscar De La Hoya and Vitor Belfort has been delayed for the time being.
Vitor Belfort
June 17, 2021
Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort will meet Oscar De La Hoya in an exhibition match this summer that is sure to draw eyes.
Conor McGregor
May 7, 2020
He might have just one boxing match to his resume, but Conor McGregor is willing to face Oscar De La Hoya inside the boxing ring.
Dana White
November 29, 2018
Dana White spit some venom at promoter Oscar De La Hoya for putting together that Liddell/Ortiz fight… and De La Hoya has spit right back!
Dana White
November 28, 2018
Dana White is a man full of opinions, and when it comes to Chuck Liddell fighting, White’s opinion of promoter Oscar De La Hoya is… less than flattering.