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could nxt trio return
January 25, 2023
Could one dominant NXT trio return to the company soon? And will we see Kylie Rae in WWE action, or will she be one of the unlucky ones?
jay briscoes daughters critical
January 18, 2023
As wrestling mourns the loss of him, Jay Briscoe’s daughters remain in critical condition. And, one NXT segment was scrapped out of respect.
r-truth comeback hits snag
January 18, 2023
After suffering an injury, R-Truth reveals his comeback hits a snag. And one NXT Superstar has revealed her recent mental health crisis.
Cody Rhodes WWE Return
January 15, 2023
If you are a fan, the latest Cody Rhodes WWE return news is really good. And, will be Jinder Mahal be in NXT long-term?
Mandy Rose Her Side
January 10, 2023
After being released by the WWE in December, Mandy Rose tells her side of the story on a talk show. Plus, Ric Flair “begs” for 1 more match.
controversial possible wwe buyer
January 9, 2023
As rumors of a sale persist, a controversial possible WWE buyer emerges. And could a former NXT Superstar be back very soon?
Toxic Attraction WWE Future
December 30, 2022
With Mandy Rose fired, what does the WWE future hold for Toxic Attraction? And, Sting already has names set for his retirement match.
gunther hits big milestone
December 28, 2022
Gunther hits a big milestone as he wraps up 2022 in a big way. Plus, what if CM Punk didn’t actually want to win the AEW title?
December 26, 2022
Before he headed back to WWE, check out Cody Rhodes’ AEW value. Plus, a popular indy star could be a free agent very soon.
threatened to fire d-von
December 24, 2022
In a surprise twist, WWE recently threatened to fire D-Von Dudley. Plus, Dutch Mantell was beaten and robbed just Friday.
Edge's WWE Contract Up
December 22, 2022
According to a report, Edge’s WWE contract will be up soon. Plus, a former talent of the promotion is on their way back.
mandy rose good week
December 21, 2022
In some odd way, Mandy Rose had a great week last week. Plus, we now know for sure that Triple H values Bronson Reed.
Gunter Break WWE Streak
December 20, 2022
As 2022 winds to a close, IC Champion Gunther is about to break a WWE streak. Plus, could Eva Marie return to the company?
change in nxt call-ups
December 19, 2022
With new management comes a change in NXT call-ups, and a good one. Plus, Goldberg is nearly a free agent…will he be back in WWE?
Miro Lack TV Time
December 16, 2022
Due to a lack of TV time, Miro has barely appeared for AEW this year and he is speaking about it. And, one person is content staying in NXT.
SmackDown Star Return Plan
December 15, 2022
Recently on The Bump, a WWE SmackDown star revealed their plan to return. Plus, Mandy Rose breaks her silence on her release.
Mandy Rose WWE Exit
December 15, 2022
There’s so much more to the news around Mandy Rose and her WWE exit, and WNZ has an update! Plus, an NXT tag team could reunite on RAW.
royal rumble return teased
December 14, 2022
Just over a month away, a big Royal Rumble return has already been teased. Plus, believe it or not, young John Cena injured a Superstar once.