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reason mvp jericho rift
source: @ReneLop82721969, twitter, screenshot
June 13, 2022
After hearing about the breakup, we may wonder...what caused MVP-Jericho rift? Plus, another NXT Superstar has been released.
Paul Heyman MVP Successor
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February 7, 2022
MVP just got a huge endorsement as Paul Heyman called him his successor. And, reaction to Melina's short time in…
WWE Disappointed NXT 2.0
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January 21, 2022
NXT 2.0 has been a major disappointment for WWE. And, MVP had a big female name he wanted in The…
January 6, 2022
Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is firing back after he was called the "biggest jerk in…
owen hart cup tournament
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September 20, 2021
In a nice move, AEW announces the Owen Hart Cup Tournament. Plus, the leader of the Hurt Business, MVP, may…
Rock Joe Rogan Weed
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June 28, 2021
Two big stars, Joe Rogan and The Rock, talked about smoking weed together. Plus, some news about MVP's return inside…
Mickie James WWE Ageism
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April 30, 2021
Mickie James believes her WWE release revolved around ageism and being a female. And, will MVP be undergoing surgery on…
end of hurt business
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April 3, 2021
The recent end of the Hurt Business irks Superstars backstage. And, after some oral damage, Asuka undergoes surgery before WrestleMania.
Keith Lee's Elimination Chamber
February 16, 2021
With Keith Lee's no-show on RAW has placed a question mark around his Elimination Chamber status. Plus, could MVP be…
Brett Favre trump endorsement NFL pro athlete celebrities endorsing
October 30, 2020
NFL MVP and Green Bay Packer legend Brett Favre faced severe backlash after joining other pro athletes endorsement of President…
Nation Of Domination Update
July 26, 2020
There were rumors of the Nation Of Domination returning & here's the latest update. And, Tessa Blanchard held Impact Wrestling's…
MVP Talking Long-Term Deal
July 23, 2020
It appears as if MVP is now in it for the long haul with the WWE in an on-screen role,…
Arn Anderson Sami Zayn
June 10, 2020
While still in WWE, Arn Anderson would apparently clash with Sami Zayn. Also, MVP debuted a new t-shirt for the…
MVP Gets New Role
June 3, 2020
MVP was a backstage producer in WWE, but he got a new role. Also, Rob Gronkowski was apparently not well…
New WWE Stable Forming
May 14, 2020
It looks like a new WWE stable is forming on the RAW side. Also, Christian discusses Edge's return and if…
Matt Hardy's WWE Exit
February 11, 2020
It look like Matt Hardy leaving WWE is a real possibility now, especially after his appearance on Raw. And, why…
WWE The Undertaker
January 30, 2020
We have an update on the current status of Ronda Rousey and the Undertaker for WrestleMania. Also, MVP looks to…
January 22, 2018
To honor the occasion, they're bringing in stars from the past and present to mark the occasion. Here are is…