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February 7, 2018
It’s important to choose the right mortgage, if you’re considering buying a new home. You probably have lots of questions about mortgages and the mortgage process.
January 30, 2018
If you have a need for cash quickly, you might consider using a payday loan. They don’t require a credit check and you can have the money the same day.
January 10, 2018
When buying a car, it’s important to understand which car brands depreciate fastest. On average cars lose 11% soon as you take it off the lot.
August 17, 2017
These 10 worst college majors might not be worth four years of study and a mountain of student loans. Before you attend college, you will want to check out the list
August 15, 2017
Some states offer prepaid college tuition plans with the intent of saving you money by hedging against unknown, future tuition increases. However, is it a good idea
August 11, 2017
The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program waives off or forgives the outstanding balance of your direct loans as soon as you make 120 qualifying payments on a monthly
July 27, 2017
College is expensive and getting more costly daily. Use these 12 tips to pay for college to reduce your costs and help you avoiding going broke.
July 11, 2017
A 401K loan is a loan that you take against the savings in your 401K plan. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of taking out such a loan