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pushing to keep superstar
Talent comes and talent goes, but WWE is pushing to keep one Superstar in particular. Plus, we discuss some odd backstage interview guideline.
Kayla Braxton Bi-Sexual WWE
March 4, 2021
Backstage interviewer and host of Talking Smack, Kayla Braxton, revealed she’s bi-sexual last night. Also, the WWE just re-signed someone big.
Renee Young Kayla Braxton
Renee Young & Kayla Braxton both have COVID-19 and here’s an update on their heath. And, Brian Pillman Jr makes his AEW debut this week.
WWE Superstars Contract COVID-19
June 25, 2020
More WWE superstars have confirmed positive COVID-19 results including Adam Pearce and Kayla Braxton, and CHIKARA has closed up shop.
WWE supports bullied boy
February 21, 2020
Several WWE superstars and actors are offering support to nine-year-old Quaden Bayles who has a form of dwarfism and is being bullied at school.
WWE Superstars Contract COVID-19
Kayla Braxton had a scary moment as someone pretended to be her driver. Also, Ashley Massaro apologized to WWE before her untimely passing.