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WWE Heath Slater Back
April 13, 2021
Former WWE superstar Heath Slater recently stated the company asked for him back. Plus, more details on Undertaker’s retirement speech.
Heath Slater still without Impact Wrestling Contract
October 7, 2020
Things have not been going great for the former WWE wrestler. Since his WWE release, Health Slater failed to obtain a contract at Impact.
Young Bucks Orange Cassidy
July 22, 2020
Orange Cassidy may be quirky, but find out why the Young Bucks wanted Orange Cassidy in AEW. And, some ex-WWE Superstars make an Impact!
clashes ahead of extreme rules
It’s another RAW In A Nutshell, and this one is focused on the clashes ahead of Extreme Rules. It’s the next to last show before the next PPV!
Seeing an opportunity, one WWE star is shooting his shot and trying to get the Internet behind match between himself and The Rock.  HEATH SLATER!
ne of the funniest WWE superstars is Heath Slater in my opinion, so I am a little sad he does not always get the TV time he deserves.
The WWE takes drug policies seriously; this much is clear by looking at some of the top wrestlers who got served with a suspension over the years. While you might remember some prolific wrestlers getting suspended, such as Roman Reigns and Paige,
February 21, 2018
They have hopes and fears just like the rest of us. decided to ask wrestlers what they’re really afraid of. Some of these answers surprised us.
WWE Royal Rumble
January 29, 2018
In fact, the moment is so big that many people thought it should main event the entire PPV. And it looks like that will be the case, as the Men’s Royal Rumble match was the third match on the card. 
January 10, 2018
There are many reasons why I adore Heath Slater. Not only is a decent guy, but he is also responsible for moments like this. Before this story, I though
August 10, 2017
With a decade plus under his belt, Heath Slater is a wrestler that has a lot of wisdom to share. That’s exactly what he has in mind with the opening of..
Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are taking in the sites in Rome. They’re having fun and are accompanied by other stars including Heath Slater, and…