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Big Swole AEW Diversity
January 1, 2022
Big Swole says there is a lack of diversity and it caused Tony Khan to quickly respond. Now, many in AEW are taking different sides.
November 16, 2020
The NFL’s new diversity hiring plan has backfired on the league, with minorities saying “we just want to be judged on our own merits.”
NASCAR Kyle Larson suspension N-word team lifted
October 21, 2020
Kyle Larson is cleared to return in 2021 after NASCAR lifted his suspension for using the n-word; now the question is driving for which team?
Oscars diversity rules James Woods KIrstie Alley
September 9, 2020
Hollywood star Kirstie Alley just teamed up with James Woods to blast the Oscars for new diversity rules for its Best Picture contenders.
Ricky Gervais blasts Hollywood hypocrites during Golden Globes monologue
February 10, 2020
Before the 2020 Academy Awards, comedian Ricky Gervais trolled Hollywood saying he couldn’t “wait to hear all your inspirational speeches about equality”.
February 7, 2019
The WWE likes to paint itself as a company of equality but there’s Saudi Arabia and no black superstar has ever held the WWE Championship belt.