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WWE Plans Raquel Rodriquez
August 30, 2022
In the afterglow of her WWE Women’s Title win, sounds like the company has big plans for Raquel Rodriquez. Plus, Buff Bagwell enters rehab.
News WWE SummerSlam Spot
August 2, 2022
WNZ has backstage news on the WWE SummerSlam tractor spot with Brock Lesnar. Plus, a current photos of Buff Bagwell looks “unrecognizable”.
ted dibiase insisted on bumping
December 20, 2021
The company might not have wanted it, but Ted DiBiase insisted on bumping in NXT. Plus, can you picture Buff Bagwell in the WWE Hall of Fame?
Buff Bagwell Arrested Charges
Former WCW star Marcus Buff Bagwell had quite the weekend recently, getting arrested on 11 charges. Plus, there’s some major SummerSlam news.
Ric Flair Buff Bagwell
August 22, 2020
Ric Flair and Randy Orton had an unscripted RAW moment recently. And, Buff Bagwell was in a bad car accident, where he suffered injuries.
Fans Worried Buff Bagwell
Ex-WCW wrestler Buff Bagwell has fans worried after the release of a choking video on social media. Also, Undertaker responds to criticism.