top TV villains of the 80s
Credit: Screenshot: Dallas70 Youtube

Let’s get nasty as we look at the top 10 TV villains of the 80s! It is true what they say, the 80s really was a golden age of television. But forget gold; we are looking at the dark, dastardly, and straight-up evil your standard definition wood grain TV had to offer back in the amazing decade that was the 80s.

I decided to have a bit of fun with this so we have a good mixture of classic bad guys from live action and animation! With there being so many great villains on TV in the 80s, be sure to come up with your own list if you feel there are some characters I have missed out!

Wayne Arnold, The Wonder Years

Credit: Screenshot: DinkyFLIX Youtube

Skeletor, Masters of the Universe

Credit: Screenshot: TheLegendaryBadguy Youtube

Alexis Colby, Dynasty

Credit: Screenshot: Andrew Scott Youtube

Tex Hex, Bravestarr

Credit: Screenshot: Retro Bites Youtube

Starscream, Transformers

Credit: Screenshot: Tedfufu Youtube

D’Compose, Inhumanoids

Credit: Screenshot: Flea Djinn Youtube

Mumm-Ra, Thundercats

Credit: Screenshot: mixkon1986 Youtube

Ivan, Magnum P.I.

Credit: Screenshot: Magnum P.I. Official Channel Youtube

The Borg, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Credit: Screenshot: Riker's Beard Youtube

JR Ewing, Dallas

top TV villains of the 80s
Credit: Screenshot: Dallas70 Youtube
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