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Fans were well and truly taken care of in the 90s with so many great sci-fi TV series to enjoy. For this list, a show had to have the majority of its seasons run during the 1990s. So if a show started in 1989, but ran until say, 1994, it’s fair game. Likewise, if a show started in, say, 1996 and ran until 2002. With so many great sci-fi shows, this list was hard to narrow down! 

As always, any list like this is subjective, these the best sci-fi TV series of the 90s, shows that I actually watched and enjoyed. How many of these are on your list?

Dark Skies

Credit: Screenshot: Steven (MechaGozi11a) Youtube

3rd Rock From The Sun

Credit: Screenshot: Steven (MechaGozi11a) Youtube

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Credit: Screenshot: Nightowl Studio Youtube

Weird Science

Credit: Screenshot: Comedy Bites Vintage Youtube


Credit: Screenshot: Classic TV Zone Youtube

Red Dwarf

Credit: Screenshot: Starbug UK Youtube

Star Trek: Voyager

Credit: Screenshot: Dputiger Youtube

The Outer Limits

Credit: Screenshot: JayJoker958 Youtube

Quantum Leap

Credit: Screenshot: NBC Classics Youtube

The X-Files

Credit: Screenshot: ThisOldVideo Youtube
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