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The 80s was home to some truly iconic movie duos, so many that I had a hard time picking just 10! Now, this list here is not about “romance” it is more about a duo that works well together, overcomes some kind of obstacle, or just makes us laugh with their antics!

If you are a fan of 80s movies then no doubt you have seen most if not all of these! The thing with a list like this is that it is a very personal thing! If you disagree with my picks, have some fun by putting together your own list of the most memorable movie duos of the 80s!

Jake and Elwood BluesThe Blues Brothers

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Scott Turner & HoochTurner & Hooch

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Wally & DaveSee No Evil, Hear No Evil

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Tango & Cash – Tango & Cash

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Julius Benedict & Vincent BenedictTwins

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Maverick & GooseTop Gun

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Riggs and MurtaughLethal Weapon

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Marty McFly & Doc BrownBack to the Future

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Kyle Reese & Sarah ConnorThe Terminator

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Rocky Balboa & Apollo CreedRocky III

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