Michael Landon
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It’s been nearly 32 years since the former Little House On The Prairie star Michael Landon died at the age of 54 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. In his honor, we’ve decided to take a look at his large blended family that included nine children by three wives.

Scroll through here and find out some things about Michael’s personal life that you probably didn’t know!

Michael’s Nine Children By Three Wives

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Michael Worked With Some Of His Kids On His Shows

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Michael’s Son Becomes Hollywood Power Player

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Michael’s Son Christopher Becomes Horror Movie Director And Producer

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Michael’s Daughter Stars In ‘Yellowstone’

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Two Of Michael’s Children Are Realtors Together

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‘Highway To Heaven’ Inspired By Michael’s Daughter Cheryl

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Cheryl Wrote Books Inspired By Her Father

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Michael’s Death Led To His Children To Prioritize Their Health

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Michael’s Children Grieve Him

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