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Mark Wahlberg is currently living “every guy’s fantasy” as he is playing the love interest of Halle Berry in a new Netflix movie that is coming out next month.

After 15 years of marriage to his beloved wife Rhea Durham, however, Christian actor Wahlberg is admitting that this experience is “a little weird” for him.

Wahlberg And Berry’s Steamy New Movie

In the new Netflix movie The Union, Wahlberg plays a blue-collar worker that gets a second chance with his high school sweetheart (Berry), who happens to be a secret agent superspy.

“… Halle, her and I have known each other for such a long time, and this movie is going to be so great because it’s every guy’s fantasy, to think that they got a shot with Halle Berry,” Wahlberg told Fox News.

“They were childhood sweethearts, and they come back together,” he continued. “He basically waited 25 years for her to come back, walk back through that door and into his life, and it happens, and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to prove himself to her if he got a second chance. For me, that was the whole motivation of the character: just do anything he could to not screw it up again.”

Check out a trailer for The Union in the video below.

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Wahlberg’s Marriage – Berry’s Relationship

Wahlberg has been married to his wife Durham for fifteen years, and they have four children together. Though they are secure in their marriage, Wahlberg acknowledges that it can be “a little weird” to share romantic scenes with other women onscreen.

“I think it’s a little weird anyway when you’re portraying some sort of romance onscreen, it’s not normal, but my wife knows that she is my everything,” he said. “She is the most special woman in the world.”

Fans of Wahlberg can also rest assured that Berry is off the market herself! She’s been happily dating the singer and songwriter Van Hunt, 54, since September of 2020, according to US Weekly. After three marriages, Berry reportedly believes that she and Hunt are “soulmates.”

“Halle’s exes have been full of drama, but Van’s the opposite,” a source close to Berry said last year. “They have a lot of heat between them but no toxicity.”

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Wahlberg’s Keys To A Successful Marriage

Last year, Wahlberg revealed what he believes are the keys to a successful marriage. To start with, getting married in the church was something that provided a fantastic foundation for himself and his wife.

Wahlberg is an outspoken and proud Christian.

“Well, look, I mean, we got married in the church. You know, we made that commitment to each other,” Wahlberg told Fox News back in December. “That’s something that we take very seriously and so, communication, support.” 

“We love each other. I mean, we – like everybody else – we all have problems and issues, but, being able to put those things aside and, you know, we’re blessed,” he added.

Clearly, Durham has nothing to worry about when it comes to Wahlberg romancing other women onscreen. Even a world-class beauty like Berry would not be enough to tempt Wahlberg away from what he has at home!

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