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The Hollywood star Kevin Costner is defiantly refusing to apologize for making “movies for men.” This comes days after the release of Chapter 1 of his four-part Western epic movie series Horizon: An American Saga.

‘I Make Movies For Men’

“I make movies for men. That’s what I do,” said Costner, 69, while appearing on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast last week.

That being said, Costner made sure to add that “strong woman characters” are crucial to his movies as well.

“But I won’t make a movie unless I have strong women characters, and that’s how I’ve conducted my career. I think that’s why I have a good following,” he continued. He went on to thank “women for dragging your men here — it was a Western after all. I just can’t conceive of a movie without having [strong women].” 

Horizon has a strong female cast that includes Sienna Miller, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jena Malone, Abbey Lee and more. In his latest interview, Costner said that he “couldn’t conceive of a scene that didn’t involve a woman” when he was writing this Western epic with Jon Baird. 


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Horizon ‘Has A Tremendous Amount Of Women In It’

Costner had previously talked about the importance of women to Horizon while being interviewed on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier in the week.

“This has a tremendous amount of women in it,” he explained, according to The New York Post. “They play such a big part of the West and what happened.”

“They were often taken out there against their will and with their children on the idea that there was something great out there,” he added. “There was nothing out there except a group of people who lived there for thousands of years. Women were drug into the most terrible of circumstances and made it work. And somehow they don’t find themselves in Westerns and in Horizon they dominate.”

Horizon is the first movie that Costner has directed in over 20 years, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He previously won the Best Director Oscar for Dances With Wolves in 1991. After that success, Costner directed The Postman (1997) and Open Range (2003). Since then, however, Costner has shifted his focus to acting and producing.

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Costner’s Passion For Horizon

Costner has been working on Horizon since the 1980s. That’s why he felt strongly that he was the only person who could direct the four-part film series.

“Sometimes you wonder if you can still ride the bike, but what I knew was I believed so much in my story that I really was the one that needed to direct this,” he said at Chapter 1’s Los Angeles premiere last Monday. “I didn’t want to come away not bringing everything home that I thought the movie had a chance to deliver.”

“There are people that are more talented than myself. I’m sure that [there are] directors [who] really understand the camera, but I believe in the story, and I believe so much in it that for me I think that comes shining through my movies,” he humbly added.

In a time when Hollywood seems to be prioritizing female-driven content more than ever, it’s refreshing to see someone be so unapologetic about making “movies for men.” If you’re as big a fan of Costner’s as we are, be sure to check out Chapter 1 of Horizon as soon as you possibly can!

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