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Country music singer Luke Combs recently revealed one of the worst days of his life. And it happened to involve the birth of his son!

The “Fast Car” singer told listeners of “The Zane Lowe Show” that his son’s birth was one of the craziest days he’s ever experienced.

It was good, obviously, due to the momentous occasion. But it was simultaneously bad because he wasn’t able to be there in person.

“I’ll never forget the craziest day, probably, in my life … close to it,” he said. “One of the best and one of the worst days in my life at the same time was, interestingly enough, and it’s so hard to wrap my mind around it.”

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Luke Combs Missed The Birth Of His Son

Luke Combs and wife Nicole welcomed their second son, Beau Lee, to the world in August of 2023. He was born a little earlier than the expected due date.

He arrived while Combs was in Australia on his world tour.

The six-time Country Music Association Awards winner revealed a heartbreaking text he received from his wife that he read after waking up in the morning.

“‘I’m so sorry, I really tried to not have the baby while you’re gone.'” Nicole wrote.

“And God, dude, it sucked,” he said.

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Still Got To See It

On the bright side, it appears Luke Combs was able to at least be there for Beau Lee’s birth through the magic of virtual visits.

“I got to see him be born, which was awesome. He wasn’t born yet, but my wife went, she texted me on the way to the hospital, and he was two and a half weeks early, and I was supposed to be home and I wasn’t,” he said, gathering himself a few times as he told the story.

Combs is enjoying a ton of success of late as his cover of the Tracy Chapman hit “Fast Car” went platinum and later captured the number one slot on the country music charts.

Chapman later hit the stage for the first time in years at the 2024 Grammy Awards where she and Combs did an incredible rendition of the song.

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