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Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, 94, made a rare public appearance earlier this month when he attended his youngest child Morgan Eastwood’s wedding.

Clint’s Youngest Child Gets Married

Morgan married Tanner Koopmans on June 15 at the Mission Ranch in Carmel, California. Morgan’s wedding was attended by 130 people, including all seven of her siblings and Clint.

Morgan, who is currently pregnant with her first child, told People Magazine that the wedding was  “very European-inspired and so perfect. We wanted every element to feel as relaxed as possible.”

“I did my own makeup and hair, chose some inexpensive earrings the week of, and threw on a pair of velvet heels I’d previously worn,” she continued.

Morgan and Tanner became engaged in June of last year.

“I initially wanted to elope, but my husband wanted a bigger celebration,” Morgan explained. “I feel like our wedding was the perfect in-between because it was as intimate as it could be (with a huge family like mine), but still lively. It was just immediate family and their partners, close family friends and best friends we’ve known our whole lives growing up in Carmel.”

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Morgan’s Gown

During the wedding, Morgan wore an off-the-shoulder gown that was designed by Sarah Seven.

“I loved that it was simple and straight, with no train or anything flowing,” Morgan said. “I bought it a couple months before I got pregnant and they were able to accommodate the pregnancy really easily.”

In the end, this was a perfect day that Morgan will never forget.

“My favorite moments were the pre-ceremony first look with my husband and standing at the altar with him,” she concluded. “Even though everything was moving so fast around us, we got a lot of great quality time together on the day.”

Clint has owned Mission Ranch, where the wedding took place, since 1986. He bought the 1800s property to save it from being turned into a condominium development.

Morgan is the youngest of Clint’s eight children. Her mother is Dina Ruiz, who was married to Clint from 1996 until they divorced in 2014.

Clint’s other children are Laurie Murray, 70; Kimber Eastwood, 59; Kyle Eastwood, 56; Alison Eastwood, 52; Scott Eastwood, 38; Kathryn Eastwood, 36; Francesca Eastwood, 30, according to E! News.

Find out more about Clint’s children in the video below.

Clint Finishes Final Movie

This comes one month after Clint finished work on his final movie Juror No. 2.

The movie follows “Family man Justin Kemp who, while serving as a juror in a high profile murder trial, finds himself struggling with a serious moral dilemma…one he could use to sway the jury verdict and potentially convict, or free the wrong killer,” according to IMDb

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Chris Messina, who appears in the movie, opened up about working with Clint back in December.

“You think you’re going to get some tough guy and he is completely gentle and calm and fun and cracking jokes, and a lot of the crew members — [for example], the craft services woman has been with him for 22 years,” Messina told People Magazine of Clint.

“He was awesome. I really loved him,” he continued. “93 years old and completely with it, great notes, up on his feet behind the camera — just a badass. It was super inspiring.”

Clint has starred in over 50 films throughout his decades-long career, and he’s directed more than 40. Now 94, Clint reportedly does not plan on making any more movies after Juror No. 2.

Now that Clint is no longer working, hopefully he has the opportunity to spend more time with his family. We also hope he enjoyed his daughter’s wedding!

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