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The singer Justin Timberlake was arrested earlier this week in the Hamptons in New York for DWI. Now, his fellow singer Billy Joel is speaking out to defend him.

Joel Defends Timberlake

Timberlake, 43, was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning after he as seen hanging out with friends at The American Hotel. Hours later, Joel was spotted having lunch at the same hotel. There, he was approached by reporters who wanted his thoughts on Timberlake’s arrest, and his response was powerful.

“Judge not lest ye be judged,” Joel, 75, told PIX11 News. “I don’t really know him that much so I have no comment.”

Daily Mail reported that Joel was later approached by another reporter who asked if he frequently goes to The American Hotel.

“When I’m here, yeah,” he replied.


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Timberlake’s Arrest

This came after Timberlake was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning as he drove intoxicated after a night out with friends at the American Hotel. He was pulled over in his BMW X7 after he ran a stop sign. Before pulling Timberlake over, officers observed him swerving across the road.

After pulling Timberlake over, officers smelled alcohol on him and noticed that he was “glassy-eyed.” Timberlake refused a breathalyzer test, performing a field sobriety test instead. The singer reportedly told officers that he’d had “just one martini” and was “following his friends home.”

“His friends were telling the police, ‘Let him go, let him go,’” a source told Page Six.

Timberlake was then arrested and arraigned on one count of DWI, as well as running a stop sign and failing to stay in his lane.

Timberlake was released on bail hours later and is next scheduled to appear in court on July 26. He’s had his driving privileges in the state of New York suspended for refusing the breathalyzer test.

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Timberlake’s Lawyer Responds

Timberlake’s lawyer Edward Burke has since spoken out to claim that there’s more to the story.

“Mr. Burke looks forward to vigorously defending Mr. Timberlake on these allegations,” Burke’s office said in a statement. “Mr. Burke will have a lot to say at the appropriate time; he is currently awaiting full discovery from the District Attorney’s office.”

In a humiliating twist for Timberlake, his arresting officer “was so young that he didn’t even know” who the 10-time Grammy winner was, according to insiders.

“He didn’t recognize him or his name,” one source alleged. Another insider added, “Justin said under his breath, ‘This is going to ruin the tour.’ The cop replied, ‘What tour?’ Justin said, ‘The world tour.’”

Timberlake is married to the actress Jessica Biel. They are parents to two young children Silas, 9, and Phineas, 3. In the past, Timberlake has been open about his “excessive drinking.” Back in 2014, he told Oprah Winfrey that he “drank a whole bottle of whiskey” at one point.

While a DWI is a serious charge, Joel is right in expressing that judging is wrong. Please join us in saying a prayer for Timberlake and his family during this difficult time!

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