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Last week, the Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine announced that he will be returning to the NBC reality TV singing competition show The Voice for its 27th season in 2025. Now, however, it’s been revealed that Levine’s return comes with a major warning about his previous abrasive behavior behind the scenes.

Levine Returning To The Voice

Levine, 45, announced his triumphant return to The Voice in a video posted to Instagram last week.

“Season 27, yes I’m coming back, I’m so excited. I cannot wait. I’m well rested,” he said, adding that he is “ready to go. I’m a little nervous, I’m not nervous, but I’m so excited.”

“It’s going to be awesome, let’s go! Team Adam is back. I feel bad for other teams,” he continued. “Let’s go. Season 27’s going to be different. Yeah I’m back! I’m really excited everybody. Voice fam, here we come, let’s go!”

Levine Has Been Warned

However, insiders have since come forward to claim that Levine has been warned that he’s on thin ice. It’s reportedly been made known to him that his previous “entitled” behavior won’t be tolerated on set.

“Not everyone is happy with Adam coming back to the show,” one source told Daily Mail.

“There have been many changes behind-the-scenes, but there are a lot of people still there from Adam’s time before and don’t like that he will be returning, because towards the end of his last run, he was cocky, arrogant and seemed entitled,” this source added.

The insider went on to say that Levine will be shown the door if he behaves like he did in the past.

“People get second chances, and maybe Adam will change,” the insider continued. “But if he remains the abrasive Adam from the past, then they will get rid of him again.”

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Why Levine Might Be Coming Back Now

Levine was one of the original coaches on The Voice when it premiered back in 2011. He later left the show in 2019 after sixteen seasons. As for why Levine has decided to come back now, PR expert Doug Eldridge thinks he might know the reason.

“It’s the ‘Ozempic of exposure,'” Eldridge told Fox News. “You get the benefits of constant touring and appearances needed to sustain your popularity and musical career, without actually having to do the hard work traditionally required to attain those goals.”

Branding expert Sunny Bonnell agreed, saying that taking a job on a show like The Voice is “about visibility and resonance.” 

“Shows like The Voice and American Idol offer stars an opportunity not just to perform, but to increase resonance with broader audiences,” she explained. “They transform from voices to mentors, embedding their brand within new generations.”

Potential Reunion With Blake Shelton

Meanwhile, sources additionally claim that The Voice producers are hoping to reunite Levine with his fellow original coach Blake Shelton, who left the NBC show last year.

The Voice would love to get Blake Shelton back someday,” one insider said. “The dynamic that Adam and Blake had was TV gold, and the show would love to have that back again in the future.”

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Only time will tell if Levine is able to mend his ways enough to stick around on The Voice this time!

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