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The Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg shocked her fans earlier this week when she revealed that she offered Pope Francis a part in the upcoming movie Sister Act 3.

Goldberg Meets Pope Francis

Goldberg dropped this bomb while appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

“I went to see him and he actually seems to be a bit of a fan. ‘Sister Act’, hello!” Goldberg, 68, said of meeting the 87 year-old Pope Francis.

When host Jimmy Fallon, 49, asked if the Pope will be in Sister Act 3, Goldberg replied, “I offered one. He said he’d see what his time was like.”

Goldberg went on to explain why she met the Pope.

“I wanted to thank him,” she explained. “I’ve been trying to meet up with him for about 10 years. Every time I say ‘OK, we’ll do it’ I’d step in something and then I couldn’t do it and they’d cancel the appearance.”

Goldberg concluded by saying that she “stayed really good and I didn’t get in any trouble.”

Watch Goldberg’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Goldberg’s Previous Pope Francis Comments

Goldberg previously talked about meeting the pope on her ABC talk show The View in October of last year.

“You don’t always get to meet and say stuff to people, and I thought, ‘okay I’m going to walk into this building and I’m going to burst into flames,” she said, according to Daily Mail. “As it turns out, I did not, and I brought him some stuff from Sister Act.”

Goldberg went on to claim that the Pope had “asked” her to bring the Sister Act stuff.

The Pope allegedly praised Goldberg for the movie by saying, “One of the best things you can do for people is to help them to have joy and to make them laugh.”

Check out Goldberg’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Sister Act Franchise

The first Sister Act movie came out back in 1992, and it saw Goldberg play a nightclub singer who disguises herself as a nun to hide from the mob. Goldberg was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in the first movie, and asequel came out in 1993. A third is currently in the works and is reportedly in the pre-production process, according to IMDB.

Check out a trailer for the original Sister Act in the video below.

In October of 2020, Goldberg claimed that Disney had been saying for years that nobody wanted to see a third Sister Act film, but then ended up changing their minds.

“People may want to see it,” she said at the time. “So, we’re working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back.”

Watch Goldberg talk more about this in the video below.

Sister Act has been bringing joy to millions of fans for decades, so it’s not that surprising to learn that Pope Francis is a fan of it. It’ll sure be interesting to see what the third movie in the franchise is like when it finally comes out!

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