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Kathie Lee Gifford is speaking out this week to reveal how God led the shock jock radio host Howard Stern to apologize to her after a decades-long feud.

Gifford Forgives Stern

Gifford, 70, wrote about the power of forgiveness in her new book “I Want to Matter: Your Life Is Too Short and Too Precious to Waste.” She told Fox News that she was shocked when she received an apologetic phone call from Stern.

A devoutly Christian woman, Gifford believes that God had a hand in the phone call.

“It was a surprise to get a voicemail from Howard Stern,” she recalled. “Once I listened to it, I said to my kids at the table, ‘Well, pigs have now officially flown. . . . [But] I just always believe God can touch anybody’s heart.'”

“I’m not allowed to hate anybody that hates me,” she explained. “Once you start praying for people, you can’t hate them. Love cannot live where hate does, and it’s a very simple thing.”

Instead of hating others, Gifford is encouraging others to “just pray. Ask God to heal them, because hurt people, hurt people. It’s the truth.”

Feud Between Gifford And Stern

The feud between Gifford and Stern started back in 1995, when she was chosen to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Her husband Frank was hosting the telecast, but as she sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” she was shocked to hear booing from the crowd.

It was only afterwards that Gifford learned that Stern had asked fans to boo Gifford during her performance. This was particularly shocking for Gifford, since she had never met Stern or even listened to his eponymous radio show.

Decades later, Stern came on the TODAY show as he joined the panel of America’s Got Talent. At the time, Gifford was still co-hosting TODAY, and she knew right away what she had to do.

“The Lord… said, ‘Kathie, go down and say hello to him, and wish him well with the show,’” said Gifford. “And I said, ‘OK Lord.’”

Gifford wished Stern the best of luck on his new show. When incredulous staffers on TODAY asked her why she did this, she simply replied, “God told me to.”

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Stern’s Voicemail

It was later that same day that Stern called Gifford and left his voicemail

“He left a voicemail, and he says – I can’t even use the language that he used,” said Gifford. “It was a lot of F-words, but he was saying, ‘I can’t believe how nice you were to me. I’ve been so rude to you and you were so nice. I just need to apologize to you. Please call me.’”

Later, Gifford and Stern had a private conversation in which he begged for her forgiveness.

“I said, ‘I’m really happy for you that you’re asking for forgiveness, because anytime we hurt somebody in life, it’s important to ask for forgiveness,’” she recounted.

“‘But I just want you to know that I forgave you 30 years ago,'” she added. “He goes, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I forgave you 30 years ago, and I’ve been praying for you every day since. And it’s the truth. He goes, ‘Oh my God.’”

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Forgiving Stern Was ‘Easy’ For Gifford

Gifford explained that her strong faith in God made it “easy” for her to forgive Stern. She’s seen him many times over the years, and says that they are “fine.” Gifford says that she still prays for Stern every day.

“I can find something good in anybody,” Gifford concluded. “That’s what my faith teaches me.”

Those who have followed Gifford’s career won’t be too surprised by this, as she is one of the most devoutly Christian celebrities out there. We could all learn a thing or two about the power of forgiveness from the way Gifford lives her life!

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