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It’s been seven months since the former Friends star Matthew Perry died suddenly at the end of October of last year. Now, his former Friends co-star Courteney Cox, who played his wife on the beloved sitcom, is speaking out to say that he still “visits” her.

Cox Discusses Perry

Cox, 59, made a point of talking about Perry in present tense when she was asked about him while being interviewed on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

“You know, he’s just so funny. He has genuinely a huge heart, obviously struggled,” Cox said. “I’m so thankful I got to work so closely with him for so many years. He visits me a lot, if we believe in that.” 

Perry played Chandler Bing and Cox played his eventual wife Monica Geller during Friends’ run from 1994-2004.

Cox doubled down on her comments when she was asked about her spirituality.

“I talk to my mom, my dad, Matthew,” she continued, adding that she does “feel like there are a lot of people that, I think, guide us. I do sense — I sense Matthew’s around for sure.”

Watch Cox talk more about this in the video below.

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Perry’s Death

Perry was found dead in the hot tub at his home on October 28, 2023. He was 54 years-old. Days after Perry’s death, Cox paid tribute to Perry on Instagram.

“I am so grateful for every moment I had with you Matty and I miss you every day,” she wrote. “When you work with someone as closely as I did with Matthew, there are thousands of moments I wish I could share.”

Two months later, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that Perry died of “acute effects of ketamine,” according to Page Six. Other contributors that were listed as leading to his death were drowning, coronary artery disease and the opioid buprenorphine.

Perry had long been open about his struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol. In his 2022 memoir “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” Perry admitted to taking 55 Vicodin pills during the height of Friends’ popularity.

Perry had stopped acting in the final years of his life, with his last credit being the 2017 miniseries The Kennedys After Camelot. In that show, Perry played Ted Kennedy. In the lead-up to his death, Perry’s main focus was on playing pickleball, playing his last game the morning of his passing.

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Friends Cast To Reunite

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Friends going off the air. Cox and her fellow co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc are reportedly planning to mark the occasion by getting together.

“The prospect of having a reunion or a formal get-together without Matthew is bittersweet,” a source told US Weekly last month. “There will be a huge void.”

“[But] they know Matthew would’ve wanted them to carry on and celebrate the show,” the insider added. “So that’s very much on their minds as they move forward.”

Friends remains one of the most popular shows of all time, and Perry was a huge part of the show’s success. The chemistry he shared with Cox was palpable. That’s why it isn’t that surprising to hear that he still “visits” her from time to time, even after death.

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