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Multiple were reportedly injured on the set of Eddie Murphy’s latest movie The Pickup in an incident that took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday.

Multiple Injuries On Murphy Set

The injuries were confirmed to Deadline by a spokesperson for Amazon MGM Studios, which is producing the film.

“On April 20, an accident occurred on the set of The Pickup during a rehearsed 2nd unit action sequence. Unfortunately, the sequence did not go as planned and several members of the crew were injured as a result,” the spokesperson said. “We are still in the process of gathering facts on what happened and why, but first and foremost our thoughts are with those who are recovering.”

“The well-being of the entire crew and cast is our first priority, and we will continue to insist on the highest industry standards of safety while filming,” the representative added. “All safety precautions were reviewed prior to and monitored during the shoot.”

More Details About Accident

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  the incident was a car crash that happened when a truck “locked up” and hit another vehicle.

“It was a completely freak accident,” said one anonymous source, adding that it occurred during a stunt that wasn’t considered especially treacherous. Two crew members were rushed to the hospital with injuries that “ranged from bumps and bruises to broken bones,” and one remained in the hospital as of Tuesday.

The crew union IATSE released a statement on the incident, saying, “IATSE is aware of an accident that took place on the Georgia set of The Pickup and have started an inquiry.”

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Production Never Shut Down

Sources close to the situation are claiming that production on the project never shut down. The Pickup director and producer Tim Story was not on the area of the set where the incident occurred when it happened, as it involved a second unit shoot.

Murphy stars in this movie alongside Pete Davidson, Keke Palmer, Andrew Dice Clay, Eva Longoria, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Jack Kesy and Marshawn Lynch. The plot is being kept so under wraps that there is no word on what the film is about aside from it being a heist comedy that was written by Matt Mider and Kevin Burrows. 

Producers on the project include John Davis and John Fox for Davis Entertainment; Murphy and Charisse Hewitt-Webster for Eddie Murphy Productions; and Story for The Story Company. The movie is being executive produced by Davis Entertainment’s Jeremy Stein, The Story Company’s Vicky Mara Story, Burrows, Ross Fanger, and Mider.

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Murphy’s Difficulties Filming Beverly Hills 4

Back in November, Murphy opened up about how difficult it was to film Beverly Hills 4, which is set to come out in July.

“It was a hard one,” Murphy. 62, told People Magazine. “I did Axel Foley when I was in my 20s. I am not in my 20s anymore. It was an action movie. So it was a rough one. But we got through it.”

“It’s a really physical movie and I had to do some physical stuff…. I like to be on the couch, I don’t like to be jumping over and shooting and running,” he explained. “And I had to do some jumping and shooting and running. And as a result… at the end of the movie, I had a knee brace and my back is messed up. But the movie is gonna be special.”

Please pray for all those injured on the set of Murphy’s latest film.

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