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The Hollywood star Tom Selleck, 79, has shocked his fans by revealing that he’s never sent a text or email in his life, and that he instead relies on his younger 66 year-old wife Jillie Mack to do these things.

Selleck Has Never Sent A Text Or Email

Daily Mail reported that Selleck explained that while he “occasionally” looked himself up online while researching his new memoir “You Never Know,” which is set to be released next month, he typically stays away from the digital world and has either his wife or his secretary answer any messages that he receives.

“Occasionally I’ve looked up my name. That started really with the book, but I’ve never sent my own email. I had a secretary. I’ve never texted anybody,” Selleck told People Magazine, adding that it is a “luxury” that he has a wife who is willing to reply to texts on his behalf.

“I have a certain luxury where I probably couldn’t survive otherwise,” he said. “But I don’t know. I have a hard time writing things down, which is weird for a guy who’s pushing a book.”

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Selleck And Mack’s Marriage

Selleck and Mack have been married since 1987, and they share one adult daughter as well as one son of his from a previous marriage. Selleck credits their long-lasting marriage to Mack being a “very independent person” and having “her own life.”

“I don’t think the relationship would’ve survived with somebody who was basically eating, sleeping, and working,” Selleck said. “And Jillie’s a very active person, as you can see. And I remember the first time she stayed in Hawaii.”

Selleck filmed his hit show “Magnum P.I.” in Hawaii in the 1980s.

“I mean, she’d visit the set maybe late in the day, but only after she made my friend, Dave Muntz, take her to the roller skating rink so she could practice roller skating because she was going to audition to Starlight Express,” he added.

Back in 2022, Selleck said that he and Mack are “true partners.”

“I don’t’ think the infatuation stage of any relationship lasts forever, but it can grow into something. It just grows more satisfying. You become true partners,” he told Closer Magazine.

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Selleck And Mack’s Ranch

Selleck and Mack live together on a 63-acre ranch in California, where the “Blue Bloods” star enjoys planting wildflowers.

“I’ve planted them for years and they bloom in cycles,” he explained. “When it’s coldest, one of them blooms and then another one comes in. I know it sounds stupid, but I just watch them grow.”

As for how he enjoys himself in his quieter moments, Selleck said, “A cigar and a glass of whisky is a nice way to end the day.”

“I’ve had a very good life, a very lucky life. I don’t know if it’s what I figured I’d be doing, but it’s with a lot of gratitude,” he continued.

In the crazy world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find a marriage that is actually able to stand the test of time. Selleck and Mack are truly blessed to have one another, and he’s lucky to have a wife who is technologically savvy enough to help him out with emails and texts!

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