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The former “Dukes Of Hazzard” star John Schneider, who has long been one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, is currently in Texas working on a mysterious new film project.

Schneider Working On Movie In Texas

Schneider, 63, took to Facebook to post a photo of himself getting his makeup touched up on the movie set in San Antonio.

“On the set in San Antonio,” Schneider wrote in the caption. “Been a busy week! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

In another post, Schneider shared a photo of himself sliding on the hood of a San Antonio police car as a bemused officer looked on.

“Couldn’t resist doing the hood slide this morning!” he wrote. “Sadly, this was the first vehicle in sight when I got the urge. Thank you, Officer Garcia for not arresting me!”

“Hopefully you’ll have a great story to tell everyone back at the precinct!!” he added. “Yee Haa!”

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John Schneider Studios

Schneider has spent the past few years releasing patriotic independent movies through his John Schneider Studios, which also releases music.

“The balance of careers really takes care of itself,” Schneider said on his website. “We spend time recording an album and then there’s time spent mixing the album, which gives me time to be off either touring with music or working on a movie.”

“When the movie is finished filming, there are many aspects of postproduction that need to be done, and if I am not doing them myself, then naturally so I don’t get bored, I am out on the road,” he continued, adding that he is a hard worker who doesn’t “seem to need any downtime!”

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Schneider Defies Hollywood To Make Patriotic Movies

Schneider was inspired to launch this studio after finding that Hollywood was no longer willing to make patriotic, pro-American films.

“People talk about Hollywood as if it has autonomy,” he told Fox News in 2022. “Hollywood is a line item on a billionaire globalist spreadsheet, really. So, Hollywood has to basically do what they’re told. I know a lot of people in Hollywood, and I don’t really believe that they are naïve enough to believe a lot of the things that they put forth as truth. But as a very old song used to say, they owe their soul to the company store.”

“You’ve got the celebrity types who… get paid a lot of money, but they’re really doing what they’re told as well. So there’s not a lot of room in that model for free thought,” Schneider continued. “There’s not a lot of room in that model for free speech. You really have to work, I believe, outside that model, ’cause that model’s not going to change.”

That’s why Schneider decided to “build his own sandbox” and launch his own film studio.

“We now live in an amazingly wonderful, technological world where we can not only make our own films, but we can distribute them as well without having to sleep with the enemy,” said Schneider.

While there isn’t any information available about the project Schneider is currently working on, it seems likely that it will be another patriotic movie that those who love America will be able to enjoy. God bless Schneider for continuing to defy liberal Hollywood by making movies that celebrate this great country!

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