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School fundraisers are a good thing.

But perhaps not if they involve students licking feet.

‘I Was Just Shocked’

Fox 34 reported, “An Oklahoma parent is reacting to a controversial video of students licking peanut butter off toes during a school event.”

“The school district says the event was to raise money and students volunteered for it,” the story noted.

The story continued:

The video shows Deer Creek High School students licking toes at a fundraising event on Thursday. Their faces have been blurred to hide their identity.

“It was surprising,” one Deer Creek High School student, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “I didn’t think they were going to do all that. I was just shocked. I didn’t really have like a feeling. I was kind of disgusted and then kind of glad I wasn’t over there.”

At least one parent believes officials shouldn’t have allowed it.

“Whenever she told me yesterday that was happening, I had to ask her, ‘Wait, what? They’re licking peanut butter off of toes. What?” an anonymous parent from the school district said.

The Deer Creek School District confirmed the video, saying the students volunteered in challenges to help raise money during their philanthropy week.

No Faculty or Staff at the Event

One parent said, “I am all for fundraising and all for really fun and silly things, but that right there just seems a little excessive.”

According to the Deer Creek School District, every student who participated in this bizarre scene “signed up for the games they played ahead of time” and also that “no faculty or staff were involved during the assembly.”

Maybe there should have been faculty or staff present?

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