Red Skelton

Classic TV was the best. It was fun and politically incorrect but also family friendly. Red Skelton is a personal favorite.

Ed Sullivan Joins Red Skelton On The Red Skelton Show

The Ed Sullivan Show provided Americans with a lot of laughter. Red Skelton was one of those whose appearances on the show still make us laugh decades later. He started entertaining at age 10 with a traveling show. He was a funny kid who grew up to entertain millions.

But Red Skelton had his own show and he had Ed Sullivan on in this classic episode.

Even he had to laugh during the routine! Gosh, I miss that kind of television!

The Red Skelton Show

Red remains one of the best entertainers of all times. The Red Skelton Show was during the infancy of television.

His show first aired in 1951 on ABC. In 1954, the show moved to CBS. It was expanded to an hour and renamed The Red Skelton Hour in 1962.

The Red Skelton Hour remained on CBS until it was canceled in 1970 despite having high ratings.

The network made this poor decision in an attempt to attract younger viewers!

Red Skelton was a proud American. He wasn’t politically correct like today’s entertainers.

Red even predicted that the left would eventually attack the Pledge of Allegiance. He believed the pledge was an important Americans should not only recite or appreciate it.

Red always took time on his show to explain the Pledge and what it means. Click here to watch that.

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