Jenn Deering Davis/Wikimedia Commons

Actress Sofia Vergara apparently has no problem thanking part of her body for her career.

She freely admits that her good looks – especially her boobs – played a significant role in her acting success.

No Apologies

Outkick reports, “Don’t expect Sofia Vergara to pretend that her boobs and good looks didn’t play a gigantic role in launching her career. She’s not playing along and she’s not going to apologize for the doors that were opened for her early on. The Colombian actress made that perfectly clear when she sat down with the Spanish newspaper El País. She also pointed out that while her boobs helped launch her career, they’re not the reason she’s still going strong in the entertainment industry at 51.”

The story continued:

“It would be absurd to deny it or for that to make me feel bad,” she told the newspaper. “On the contrary, I’m grateful for [my] life.”

“My giant boobs and my body opened doors for me; they were my passport to the world when I was 20 years old, when I started as a model, but today I’m 51 years old, and I’m still here.”

Vergara’s giant boobs might have busted the doors open for her, but that’s not what has helped keep her working more than three decades later. Although, some would probably argue, they haven’t hurt her along the way either.

“According to the model/actress it’s her ability to take risks, outwork everyone else, and her personality that has kept her phone ringing all these years,” the story continued. “There are women who are prettier, younger, who have bigger breasts and a better body than me, but I’m still around because I have demonstrated that I can stay,” she said.

“She added, I don’t do brain surgery, it’s just entertainment, and the worst that can happen to me is that they can say I look ugly or that this jacka– doesn’t know how to act. I can take it.”

We can say one things – she suffers no illusions.

Good luck to Sofia Vergara and her continued success.