At the end of November, The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin on her program’s podcast that she would likely want to date a woman if her marriage to Justin Griffin didn’t work out.

She’s standing by her comment.


Is Alyssa Farah Griffin Bisexual?

According to People magazine, “On the latest episode of The View: Behind the Table podcast, The View co-host, 34, doubled down on her prior remarks from the Nov. 30 edition of the podcast, saying, ‘I did say, if, for any reason, my husband and I didn’t work out, I think I would date a woman, and I stand by that.”

“But, I told my husband I made the comment,” Farah Griffin added. “He just kinda smiles and I’m like, ‘Are you thinking about what woman it would be or are you honored that no man would compare to you?’ Because I think that’s how he took it.”

A fan account on social media said of the earlier comments.

‘In some senses, women would be easier to date’

People noted that “Host and View executive producer Brian Teta discussed the fan reaction to the former White House Strategic Communications Director’s comments including a tweet which read: ‘Low key, Alyssa came out as bi.”

“You know what… I do… listen, it’s a spectrum. We’re all on a spectrum,” Farah Griffin insisted.

She added, “I feel like, in some senses, women would be easier to date, but, no, marriage for life to my husband.”

Before becoming a television personality on The View and elsewhere Alyssa Farah Griffin was a communications director for the Trump White House.