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The former First Lady Michelle Obama shocked everyone on Friday night when she sang backup for Bruce Springsteen, who is known to be close friends with her husband Barack Obama, during a concert in Spain.

Michelle Sings Backup For Springsteen

Daily Mail reported that Michelle played the Tamborine while Springsteen sang his song “Glory Days.” She shared a microphone with Kate Capshaw, the wife of the director Steven Spielberg, and with Patti Scialfa, Springsteen’s wife and E Street bandmate.

“It was the last thing anyone expected, to see Michelle up there,” one fan said afterwards. “What a surprise! A woman of many talents. The crowd went nuts.”

Both Barack and Michelle flew to Barcelona on Thursday, and they then joined the Spielbergs and Springsteens at the five-star Palace Hotel’s Amar restaurant. A waiter posted a photo of them all on Instagram, captioning it, “Pleasures that this job brings you!”

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Springsteen And Barack Are Buddies

Springsteen has been friends with Barack ever since 2008, when he played at his fundraisers for him on the campaign trail. Barack awarded Springsteen the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, and the pair co-hosted a podcast, Renegades: Born In The USA, in 2021.

“I always say when I first met Bruce he kind of seems like surprisingly shy, considering he goes out there and sings before tens of thousands of people for hours at a time,” Barack said in 2021, according to People Magazine.

“And we just ended up being in settings where we had these long conversations and I thought the things we’re talking about — what does it mean to be a man, what does it mean to be an American?” he continued. “These were things that were just kind of popping up over a meal … and I thought, You know what? This might be something that would be useful for folks to hear.”

“I initially thought that he had gotten the wrong number when he called me,” Springsteen added. “I said, ‘Okay let me figure this out. I am a guitar-playing high school graduate from Freehold, New Jersey — and you want me to do what?'”

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Springsteen’s Liberal Politics 

Like many others in the entertainment world, Springsteen is a shameless liberal who worships the ground that the Obamas walk on. Therefore it should come as no surprise that he frequently bashed Donald Trump during his presidency.

“I believe that our current president is a threat to our democracy,” he told The Atlantic in 2020. “He simply makes any kind of reform that much harder. I don’t know if our democracy could stand another four years of his custodianship. These are all existential threats to our democracy and our American way of life.”

Springsteen then endorsed Joe Biden for the presidency.

“The power of the American idea has been abandoned,” he said, according to Newsweek. “It’s a terrible shame, and we need somebody who can bring that to life again…. I think if we get Joe Biden, it’s gonna go a long way towards helping us regain our status around the world.”

“The country as the shining light of democracy has been trashed by the administration,” he added. “We abandoned friends, we befriended dictators, we denied climate science.”

Springsteen and the Obamas have long been members of the liberal elite, and they have no idea what the average American wants or needs. They may have gotten what they wanted in the last presidential election, but they should not be surprised if the next one doesn’t go their way.

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