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It’s been six months since the Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg joined the massed exodus from California and moved his family from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, he’s speaking out to say that he has no regrets about making this move.

‘They Love Vegas’

“They love Vegas,” Wahlberg told E! News of his four children. “I spent lots of time in L.A. pursuing my interests and my career and now it’s time for them to pursue theirs. Everybody is thriving there, it’s been great.”

Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Dunham are parents to daughters Ella, 19, and Grace, 13, and sons Michael, 17, Brendan, 14, according to Daily Mail.

Since his move, Wahlberg has been taking advantage of the entertainment options that his new city has to offer.

“I saw Adele, I saw Bruno Mars,” he said. “I’ve seen quite a few shows and been to lots of great restaurants. There’s so much to do in Vegas and it’s so exciting.”

Wahlberg Reveals Why He Moved

Last Spring, Wahlberg made headlines when he put his massive 30,500-square-foot Beverly Hills estate on the market for a whopping $87.5 million. Wahlberg previously opened up about why he was making this move back in October.

“To be able to give my kids a better life and follow and pursue their dream,” he said at the time, “whether it be my daughter as an equestrian, my son as a basketball player, my younger son as a golfer, this made a lot more sense for us.”

“We came here to just kind of give ourselves a new look, a fresh start for the kids, and there’s lot of opportunity here. I’m really excited about the future,” he added.

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‘Giving The Kids A Chance To Thrive’

Wahlberg further opened up about his decision to move in an interview back in March.

“It’s really giving the kids a chance to thrive,” Wahlberg told Fox News. “It just has the best of both worlds. I know a lot of people, when they think Las Vegas, they think the Strip. But just about 15, 20 minutes away, there’s a whole lot of other amazing areas that are all about family and community.”

Wahlberg then explained that this move was “really about giving the kids an opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams.”

“My daughter’s an equestrian,” he continued. “My son’s a golfer. My oldest daughter, now she’s off to college. My son’s a junior. There’s lots of opportunity here as well for me. We’re trying to create a studio. We’re trying to build the shoe factory. We want to create lots of jobs here.”

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Wahlberg’s Plans For Nevada

Wahlberg has also expressed some big plans for his new city.

“I moved to Nevada where, after this gubernatorial election, hopefully it will go to legislation and get a bill passed so we can get a tax credit for the state — build a state-of-the-art studio here and make this Hollywood 2.0,” he said back in October.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities and new adventures,” he added. “I hope to create of a lot of opportunity here. And I moved to California originally to make movies. I’ve made three movies in the last 15 years in LA. So, as you know, it’s been difficult. The kids are really happy, and it’s all about them.”

California has seen a mass exodus over the past few months, so Wahlberg is just one of many leaving the liberal-run state in search of a better life. If the Democrat leaders of California don’t change their ways soon, they can expect more people to leave just like Wahlberg did!

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