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The country music legend Loretta Lynn passed away in October of last year at the age of 90, and her millions of her adoring fans are still in mourning for her to this day. On Tuesday morning, Loretta’s daughters went on the “Today” show to honor both their mother’s legacy and her strong Christian faith.

Loretta ‘Was A Strong Believer’

Fox News reported that twins Peggy and Patsy Lynn explained that faith was one of the most important parts of their mother’s life.

“No matter what faith…people have in their lives…my mom was a strong believer,” Patsy said. “It gave us hope to see her again and for her to know that she’s going to see us again.”

This comes the same day as the release of Loretta’s book “A Song and A Prayer: 30 Devotions Inspired by My Favorite Songs.” The synopsis of the book states that it “is a collection of devotionals combined with song lyrics that delivers a unique form of worship.”

“It gave us hope to see her again and for her to know that she’s going to see us again,” Loretta wrote in it before her death.

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Loretta’s Twins Honor Her

Peggy and Patsy went on to say that they’re proud that Loretta was able to keep working right up until the very end.

“Mom was one of those people who…was working on several different things,” Peggy explained. “She was still writing songs, and all kinds of stuff…she just always had so many irons in the fire.”

Patsy agreed with her sister, saying that their mother had a philosophy that “creativity is creativity…and no matter what, you never stop.”

The twins are still struggling to come to terms with their mother’s death.

“We’re doing okay. You kind of have to go through these emotions and this journey…” Peggy said, adding that they honored their late mother on Mother’s Day by making her favorite dessert, homemade banana pudding.

“When all else failed, that’s what we could get her to eat,” Peggy said, with Patsy adding, “We are from a big family… you surround yourself with family on those days that are hard, that’s what gets you through it.”

Check out their full interview in the video below.

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Loretta’s Faith Meant Everything To Her

Loretta was always open about how important her faith was to her. As she celebrated what turned out to be her final Easter, she posted a video to Instagram in which she discussed her love for God.

“My faith means a lot to me,” Loretta said in the clip. “If it wasn’t for God, none of us would be here. Jesus is my friend. I keep hold of his hand and I don’t let loose. If I ever let loose, well, I hope he grabs me because I’ll be lost.”

Loretta then talked about how much she appreciates Jesus dying for her sins.

“Oh my, it hurts. I won’t be able to tell him much I appreciate what he did,” she lamented. “There’s no way you can repay Jesus for what he done. There’s just no way. You just have to show him how much you love him, and I think that’s the way we all have to repay him. It’s in your actions.”

Unlike the vast majority of celebrities, Loretta never let the temptations of fame steer her away from God. While we miss her dearly, we can all find comfort in the fact that she is with the Lord.

In the end, Heaven really must be the happiest place on Earth now that Loretta Lynn is in it!

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