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The Hollywood star Jane Fonda has been known for her radically liberal political views for decades. That’s why it came as a huge shock on Wednesday when she showed up at a protest against the Democrat President Joe Biden.

Fonda Protests Against Biden

The Villager reported that Fonda, 85, was one of the protesters outside of a high-end fundraiser for Biden in New York City that the president himself appeared at. The fundraiser was held at the home of former Blackstone executive Tony James, and guests reportedly paid $25,000 per plate to get a chance to see Biden and help out with his re-election campaign.

Fonda joined activists outside of the fundraiser to protest against what they feel are Biden’s broken promises when it comes to climate change.

“We have to up the ante now. The opportunity to save the planet and our future, the window on that is closing rapidly,” Fonda told the protesters. “And we have to do something about it, and we have to be very brave.”

Fonda went on to recall documentaries about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil RightsMovement that showed protesters refusing to back down even when faced with cops water cannons, and police dogs. 

“Have you ever seen a documentary like that and asked yourself, would I be brave enough? Would I be able to stand up for that? This is our documentary moment,” the woman nicknamed Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War said. “And you all are being very brave.”

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Fonda Says Biden Is ‘Not Bold Enough’

Despite being a proud liberal for decades, Fonda hasn’t been afraid to speak out against Biden during his presidency.

“He’s done a lot of very good things. But not enough. Not bold enough. And not fast enough,” she said of Biden in 2021, according to Daily Mail. “We’re up against time. The scientists say we have less than nine years to cut our emissions in half.”

“Line 3 is going in the absolute opposite direction, and the news every day is telling us, emissions are going up, not down,” she added. “So we have to put our bodies on the line and do whatever we can to get our administration to call a halt to these permits.”

Fonda Turns On Pelosi

In December of last year, Fonda shocked everyone when she turned on the then-outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, even showing up outside of her office in Washington D.C.

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“Just last week, Speaker Pelosi told me to rock the boat for climate action,” she wrote on Twitter. “So why is she allowing the #DirtyDeal — which guts environmental protections for people & climate — to come to a vote this week?!”

“Nancy, please don’t let this be your legacy,” Fonda added. 

Fonda then spoke to protesters outside of Biden’s White House.

“Organizing does not stop after an election, does it? We must hold the folks we got into office accountable to us, not to oil companies, because the fossil fuel industry does not stop, so we can never stop,” she told them.

“Time is running out. Scientists are telling us we are in our last decade of action,” Fonda continued. “What we do or fail to do in the next eight to 10 years to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half will determine how much of a livable future we will have. So this is the time. This is the time for bold action before it’s too late. And that’s exactly why we are here right now.”

It seems that Democrats are finally learning what conservatives have known for decades: that Fonda is a loose cannon who will simply go wherever the tide takes her. The left has long tried to use Fonda as a weapon, and it’s finally blowing up in their faces. They made their beds with Hanoi Jane, and now they’re going to have to lay in them!

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