Reba McEntire Reveals Why She’s ‘Disappointed’ In Tennessee

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The country music star Reba McEntire is speaking out to say that she is “disappointed” in Tennessee after the state passed a bill into law that is meant to restrict drag queen performances in certain counties. 

McEntire Lets Loose On Tennessee

“I wish they would spend that time and energy and money on feeding the homeless children in those two counties,” McEntire, 68, told the L.A. Times.

“I don’t do politics. Never have. My job is to entertain,” she continued. “I’m not there to influence people one way or another on how to vote.”

Despite this, McEntire continued to weigh in on the bill.

“Boy, why? I mean, we’ve got a real problem in this country, and to be worried about men wanting to dress up as women?” she said. “God bless ’em to wear those high heels — I feel for ’em. But let’s center our attention on something that really needs attention.”

Even so, McEntire said that she does not intend to get more vocal about politics like her fellow country music star Maren Morris, who is an outspoken liberal. 

“That does not apply to me,” she explained when asked about Morris. “I try to stay away from disappointments and confrontations.”

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McEntire’s Controversial Songs

McEntire was then asked if she is proud of recording such controversial songs like “Fancy,” which is about a prostitute, and “She Thinks His Name Was John,” a song about a woman with AIDS.

“I’m very proud of the fact that I listened to my gut and said, ‘This is a good idea,'” McEntire stated. “No. 1, they’re great songs. I went in to Bluewater Music [publishing company] to listen to songs like I did before an album project, and as I was walking out a guy comes in the lobby and says, ‘Did you play her … ?’ They whispered no. I said, ‘Play me what?’ The guy goes, ‘Well, nobody else is gonna record it.’ And I said, ‘OK, play it for me,’ and they played ‘She Thinks His Name Was John.’ I said, ‘I’ll take it.'”

“I didn’t think about risky,” she continued. “I thought, ‘This is a song about AIDS. I know nothing about AIDS, but I do know that it’s taboo.’ You know when the booger bear’s in the dark, then you turn the light on and he’s not there anymore? I thought maybe that by singing about AIDS, I could shed some light on it and people would start talking about it and it would get it out of that scary place. It’s scary enough by itself without people having to think it’s scarier than it is.”

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McEntire Doesn’t Talk Politics

Back in 2017, McEntire explained why she doesn’t talk about politics while appearing on the ABC talk show “The View.” 

“[Concertgoers] have paid their hard-earned money to come in there and fill a seat, parking, getting something at the concession stand, going to eat before the concert and I am there to entertain them,” she said at the time, according to Yahoo News.

“To take their worries away from them, so when they walk out, they can kinda have a little lift in their step and just go, ‘Ah, that was such a great break from all the problems that I have to deal with during daily life.’ So I am not gonna give them my political views,” she continued. “It’s not my place.”

Check out McEntire’s full comments n this in the video below.

McEntire later said that though it’s “not my job” to discuss politics, she doesn’t judge her fellow celebrities that choose to do so.

“That’s why it’s so great to live here in the United States of America,” she added in 2018. “You can vote in and you can say what you want to and you can choose not to say what you want to.”

While McEntire’s political views are unknown, her latest comments about Tennessee indicate that the woke left may have gotten in her head. Perhaps McEntire should take her own advice and not comment on politics in the future, because if she keeps this up, she may just lose a huge chunk of her fanbase.