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Megyn Kelly is speaking out to slam the porn star Stormy Daniels and the media’s obsession with her after she sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan.

Kelly Sounds Off

During her podcast on Thursday, Kelly played a clip from Daniels’ interview with Morgan in which the porn star talked about the indictment of the former President Donald Trump. In the clip, Morgan asked Daniels if she thinks Trump is going to jail. 

“I mean, it’s like listening to Elena Kagan, right? It’s another Sandra Day O’Connor,” Kelly joked, referring to the current and former Supreme Court justices.

Kelly went on to slam Kelly for describing her beef with Trump as “his crimes against me.”

“Aren’t you the one who had an affair with a married man after a lifetime starring in flicks like ‘Summer Hummer’ and then tried to extort the man before he ran for president 10 years after your alleged interlude?” Kelly fired back. 

Not stopping there, Kelly blasted the media for being obsessed with Daniels.

“Piers interviewed her, but the left is celebrating this woman like she’s Joan of Arc,” Kelly said. “I mean — like ‘her bravery.’”

Check out Kelly’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Daniels Whines To Morgan

This came after Daniels told Morgan that she finds the prospect of testifying against Trump in court to be “daunting.”

“I mean, anytime you’re up in the public eye, it’s scary. I mean, I used to get scared giving an oral book report in school,” Daniels said. “So I mean, it’s daunting, but I look forward to it.”

“Because I have nothing to hide. I’m the only one that has been telling the truth,” she continued. 

The Hill reported that Trump is facing 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in Manhattan, and he plead not guilty to all charges during his arraignment on Tuesday. The charges are related to allegations that Trump had his former lawyer Michael Cohen pay hush money to Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, something that the former president has denied. 

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Kelly Responds To Indictment

Kelly responded to the Trump indictment by calling out the hypocrisy of the left. 

“Why don’t we know what Joe Biden did with Hunter Biden? Why don’t we know how he’s been compromised financially with respect to the doings of his son? Why isn’t Hunter Biden under arrest?” she questioned. “In the case of Joe Biden, it’s because they won’t investigate. They have refused, refused to look into him in this relationship. And in the case of Hunter Biden, we have no answers. We don’t know why.”

“[Clinton’s] been using lawyers to do her dirty work forever, and we just generally haven’t had a practice of criminalizing the behavior of somebody in her position,” Kelly added. “Yes, we’ve sniffed around the lawyers from time to time, but this is, everything with [Trump] is different.”

Kelly described the Trump indictment as being “horrible” for our country.

I think it’s horrible,” Kelly said. “It’s horrible for the country. And it’s gonna be horrible for him to go through. And it’s going to be horrible for us to go through.”

Check out Kelly’s full comments on this in the video below. 

What’s happening to Trump right now is truly a travesty, and the media should be ashamed of themselves for glorifying someone like Daniels. We applaud Kelly for calling out this nonsense, and we need more public figures to do the same! 

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